Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boundary Creek Natural Resource Area

Location: Creek Rd. in Moorestown, NJ
Bathrooms: Yes
Eating area: Yes
Attractions: Hiking trails and boardwalks, viewing plaforms, butterly and hummingibird garden
Hours: open 7am to dusk

On a recent snooze cruise, I discovered Boundary Creek Park. It is literally maybe a ten minute drive from my house, so I still can't believe I hadn't seen or heard of this amazing park before.  I was looking for a place to take the kids for a morning walk since they had gotten up so early and wanted to play outside.  Not wanting to upset the neighbors with their early morning screaming, I packed up the kids, their bikes, and Grandmom, and headed to Boundary Creek.  
The kids riding their bikes on the trails
We arrived around 8:30 am to the sounds of birds and just a handful of other walkers. It was a beautiful morning and we parked immediately at the welcome pavilion where you can pick up a trail guide and use the restrooms.  There was no changing table, but the restrooms were very clean!!  This is also the general location for a picnic, however there are other locations along the trail that you could also decide to rest and eat.  I think eating along  the platform overlooking the Rancocas Creek would be fabulous!

Overlook shaded pavilion with pond

Anyways, just a short distance from the parking area, are the trails.  The Trails is set up like a double circle, one that goes to the right and one that goes to the left.  We started on the right, and found lots of lush and colorful vegetation, tons of birds singing, and numerous colorful insects.   The fields are full of milkweed plants, so look closely under the leaves and you could be looking for Monarch Butterfly caterpillars, chrysalis, and butterflies soon. Also, on the right hand side is the pavilion overlooking the pond filled with fish and frogs.  This would also be a great place for a snack! It is covered too, so it would protect from the sun.  Speaking of the sun, the trails do take you into some shaded forest areas, but also into lots of field areas so bring a water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats to for protection.
One of several boardwalk trails and viewing areas
If you take the trail to the left you will be lead to the Rancocas Creek observation platform which is beautiful.  It was so quiet, with wildlife everywhere.  They even provide non coin operated binoculars so you can see the creek wildlife up close.

Just some of the beautiful scenery

Beautiful coneflowers that were attracting butterflies

Boundary Creek is a beautiful nature preserve that is not big and not overwhelming but a perfect place to   take a leisurely morning/evening walk, let the kids get "one with nature", and just take it all in.  We will definetly be coming back for more strolls!


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