Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Playground Review: Zelley Playground at Fullerton Park, Moorestown NJ

Bathrooms: Yes
Eating area: YES (updated 7/11/11)
Attractions: castle themed playground, baseball field, basketball, and tennis courts
town of Moorestown great place to take a walk
Wheelchair Accessible Playground: Partially (handicap accessible swings..need to bring your own restraints, picnic tables are oversized for wheelchairs to go under.)

Today the kids and I visited the newly renovated Zelley Playground at Fullerton Park in Moorestown, NJ.  Located right off of 3rd Street on the corner of Linden and Zelley Ave, stands this awesome castle themed playground.  It is brand new and looks as though they still may be working on some areas, but it is now open to the public and of is free! Another important note.....yes, there are bathroom facilities!  However, at the time we went the doors were locked, so it may only be open during practices and sporting events, so just be prepared.  Because the doors were locked, I am also unable to report on the cleanliness and conditions of the restrooms.(SEE UPDATE BELOW)  The only con I have with the park is that there are no picnic tables.  A real shame! Hopefully, given that construction is still underway, maybe they are just not installed yet..(SEE UPDATE BELOW)

My kids (4 and 3 yr old) really enjoyed this playground!  The initial impression of entering a castle made them so excited!  They ran like madmen throughout the park trying to decide what to try first.  There are so many different areas to the park that kids can play here for quite some time. There are three main sections of Fullerton Park. The castle area is designated for older children. A separate tot play area for the under 5 age group and lastly a baseball field so you can bring sports equipment if a game or practice is not underway. Or just let the kids run free in this large grassy area!

The older castle themed area has so many fun areas for the kids to explore.  There are lots of hidden tunnels, and ladders to climb. The theme of the park instantly sparks the imagination of kids.  I overheard several kids pretending there were dragons in area and they had to protect the castle!  
There are so many places to climb, but check out the awesome rock wall that will have your older kids reaching for the stars! 

The over sized red "chair" swing was a big hit with the kids! This swing is intended for handicap children, but you will need to bring your own restraints in order to use them in that capacity. They have one of these chairs in both the older and younger kids sections of the park in addition to normal baby swings and "big kid" swings.  However, in the older section of the playground, the tire swing was also a favorite!

My kids also loved the tot area.  The train theme is always a big hit with the little ones! I loved having the two areas separated, but it was still easy to view each section from the opposite area. Aren't those mushrooms seats too cute?!

So, Zelley Park is now one of our most favorite parks. As my son said, " I just wuv it."  We will definitely be back. It is clean, great for all age groups, definitely could spend a couple hours at the park.

UPDATE: Upon another trip to the Zelley Playground, the bathrooms were open.  The bathroom conditons were okay. Much better than a port a potty, but there were some insects in the sink, so I would bring hand sanitizer next time. There is no changing table.

UPDATE: The picnic tables are up! The tables are oversized and large enough for a wheelchair to fit under and are located in the tot area. Bring your snacks and lunches!

More Photos of Zelley Park:


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