Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Town Wide Yard Sales


Yard Sale/Garage Sale Season is upon us!  For bargain hunters, Saturday becomes one of the most anticipated days of the week.  While area and individual homes are great places to find deals and usually take only the morning, town wide yard sales are a treasure hunters dream and can usually take all morning and afternoon to comb through the goodies.  With the price of gas constantly rising, town wide yard sales are becoming more popular as you can just park it and walk it!  So check out this list of town wide yard sales, if one is not listed please comment below and I will add it to the list!

Audubon Town Wide Yard Sale: April 12  from 8am to 2pm
Raindate: April 20

Haddon Heights Town Wide Yard Sale (Spring): April 19th
Raindate: April 26.

Delanco Town Wide Yard Sale: April 26th 9am. Stop by Washington Fire house on Burlington Ave to pick up a map!
Raindate: None

Wenonah Town Wide Yard Sale: April 
Raindate: Unknown


Laurel Springs: May  beginning at 8:30am 

Riverton's Treasure Day: May 10th  from 8am to 3pm
Raindate: May 19.  Food and drinks are available from town restaurants and many homes sell drinks, pretzels, and hot dogs.  Bathroom facilities, food, and tables are available at the Church (whose name escapes me at the moment!). Great small town to park it and walk it.

Haddon Township Town Wide Yard Sale: May 10  from 8am to 2pm
Raindate: May 17

Westville Lions Club Community Yard Sale: May 3  from 8am to 2pm  Thomas West Park
Somerdale Town Wide Yard Sale: May 
Raindate:  May 20


Collingswood Town Wide Yard Sale: June  from 8am to 2pm
Raindate: June 9
Bordentown City Wide Yard Sale: June  and June 2 from 8am to 4pm

Oaklyn Town Wide Yard Sale: June th from 8am to 2pm


Edgewater Park Town Wide Yard Sale : September th beginning at 8am.

Merchantville Town Wide Yard Sale: September th  beginning at 9am. Maps will be available at the following locations the morning of the sale: Borough Hall, News Nook, McFarlan’s Market and the Merchantville Diner. 

Delran Town Wide Yard Sale: September th beginning at 8 am. 

Delanco Fall Town Wide Yard Sale: September 29th beginning at 9am.


Haddon Heights Town Wide Yard Sale (Fall): October 
Raindate: October 19


Melissa said...

Hi, we are having a Town Wide Yard Sale in Oaklyn on Saturday June 16th 8 am to 2 pm...a list of participating homes will be posted on http://www.oaklyn-nj.net

Lorraine said...

Hi will you be able to post the town wide yard sales for 2014? This list is from 2013. Thanks so much! I can't wait for yard sale season!

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