Monday, June 27, 2011

Storytime at Riverton Library

Riverton Free Library
306 Main St., Riverton, NJ  08077

Story Hour Every Tuesday @ 10:30 am and Thursday at 10am"Children, ages infant to 4 years, are invited to join in the fun every Thursday for Story Hour Tuesday. Join us for finger play, books, flannel stories and coloring. No registration is required."

I love the Riverton Free Library. Acutally, I love the entire borough of historic Riverton located on the banks of the Delaware River. It's old time Victorian charm is so quaint and unique and makes going to the library a lot of fun! 

The Riverton Library is old, 1899 old!  So, it is VERY VERY TINY.  Now, that may drive some people crazy because events can be very crowded, but on days where there are no events, it makes it a snap to watch the kiddos.   I love that the kids can look for books in the kids section and on the same floor, only an aisle away, I can peruse the selves for my books.

Many of the library branches in Burlington County have story hour, but what makes the Riverton story hour a little different is the number of active songs and finger plays before the main story.  Mr. Mike actually encourages the kids to jump to the ceiling!  My son being the active one---loves this part of storytime!

My kids also love the visual use of the flannel board to tell stories and depending on the number of participants, Mr. Mike will ask for audience participation.  On the library tables, there is a coloring page and crayons related to the story read. My daughter the artist, loves this part!

What I like about this story time is that registration is not required.  As you all know, It is hard to commit to events because you never know what mood your children will be in until they wake up.  So if the kids are up for it, we go to story hour on Tuesday, or if something else comes up, I don't have to worry about calling and cancelling our registration.  However, the downside to not registring is that there is no limit and the event can be VERY BUSY.  Sometimes it's just too crowded for my little guys, that we opt out of the story hour. 

On nice days, another favorite part of going to the Riverton Library is our walk down to the Delaware River to read our books and eat a snack.  We bring a blanket, some juice boxes,snacks and we create an instant picnic. The kids love checking out the boats, the wildlife, and their books! What a view!


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