About Me

Let me introduce myself.....I am a wife, mother, teacher, and yes....a penny pincher.  I admit it! I love a great bargain and even better...a free deal!

My penny pinching days started a few years ago when my husband and I bought a house and had two children.  It wasn't so bad at first when the kids were just babies and a simple walk around the block would entertain them, but now that my son and daughter are getting older I had to get creative and finds things for them to do.

It helps being a teacher and having summers off, but that also means that I don't receive a paycheck in the summer so they kind of cross themselves out.  In one sense I have time, but no money. 

So a few years ago, I started scouring the Internet, magazines, and all kinds of resources for fun, family, and FREE (or nearly free) entertainment.  By nearly free, I am talking about ten dollars or less!  YES, it can be done....and I have done it!  I am also looking for local events that would take me about one to two hours driving time.  I LOVE day trips! The area where most of these events are listed are in the area of Philadelphia, Southern and Central New Jersey, and Delaware.

The purpose of this blog is to prove that you and your children can have great family fun without paying a lot and in this economy...that is priceless! You will also see that I will review some of the free events to give you some tips and provide an honest opinion of whether or not the free event is worth your time.

I hope you will find this a useful resource and if you have any free or nearly free events that you find, please email me and let me add to the list!

Thanks for Visiting!
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