Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Manderach Memorial Playground

Bathrooms: Two Restroom Facilities (Porta Potty near the playground)
Eating area: Yes, under covered pavilions
Attractions: 70 acre park with castle themed playground with two long tunnel slides, baseball field, basketball, 2 sand volleyball courts, 1.1 mile paved walking/running track (see aerial map)
Around the Area:  Philadelphia Premium Outlets (approx. 10 minutes from park)
Fee: Free

This weekend's Sunday drive took us to Limerick, PA to check out Limerick Community Park and its famous Manderach Memorial Playground. In just about an hour, we reached our destination. Squeals of excitement erupted from the backseat when the kids saw the 30 foot high castle named "Lisa's Lookout" with two loooong tunnel slides protruding from the top floor of the castle.

The kids ran straight for the stairs to climb the castle and attempt the tunnel slides. Believe me, half the fun of the slide is the climb to the top! Little ones will need assistance as it is quite a hike!  The steps to the top are roomy enough for adults to climb and the slide is big enough to allow adults to ride down with kids. Yes, I couldn't resist and I had to ride the slides too! When my son reached the bottom of the slide, he exclaimed, "That is the best slide ever!" and I completely agree!

As my kids repeatedly climbed the tower, rode the slide, and then ran to get back in line, I was able to sit back and truly look at "Lisa's Lookout." It is quite an impressive structure dedicated to Lisa Manderach and her 19 month old baby, Devon, who were horribly murdered in 1995. The two long tunnel slides look like two long arms reaching out to the children in a symbolic hug; welcoming all who enter and encouraging smiles and laughter amongst such a painful past.   It is a beautiful, and fitting, tribute to a mother and child whose memory will be forever remembered.

Surrounding the castle tower slides are saucer swings, a tire swing, and a large castle themed playground equipment with lots of climbing equipment.  This side seems to be dedicated to the older kids, while on the other side of the tower is the area for younger children.  This side has more traditional swings, and a smaller castle-themed playground, just the right height for little ones!

What I really liked was that the entire playground complex was completely surrounded by a large fence and allowed for only one way in and out.  That makes monitoring the kiddos a lot easier!

Take a break from all the fun by eating your lunch in the covered pavilions, or using the vending machines to grab a drink. There is also a concession stand, that wasn't open when we were there, but purchasing food might be possible on special days. There are two bathroom facilities available, but the one closest to the playground had a porta potty...not my favorite.  However, you could take a little walk and use the facilities a little further away from the playground.  Either way, bring some wipes, and sanitizer!

This park was given the title of Best of Philly 2006: Best Playground (Montgomery County) and it is a well deserved title! We will definitely be visiting again. It was clean, well kept, and made the kids (and adults) really happy!

  • The playground is CLOSED the first Monday of every month from 7am to 2pm for inspections and maintenance. 
  • Bring a towel for the tunnel slides, the older kids say it makes the slide really fast
  • Bring bikes, scooters, etc to ride the trail
  • Bring sporting equipment to play in the surrounding fields
  • There were a lot of people there and  I felt comfortable having my husband and grandparents with me to help monitor the kids.  Even though there is only one way in and out, I think you need to bring at least two people, at least for younger ones, to help monitor the kids.
  • Pack a lunch and make a day out of it!
  • Plan this visit combined with some shopping at the Limerick outlets and you can definitely make this a day trip! 


Kapil Singh said...

Thanks for sharingSuch an amazing blog post the content is far good about Park equipment for children . Worth reading your blog. Keep sharing....

Carolyn Kleppe said...

This sounds awesome!! I cannot wait to take a day trip with my family. We will be driving an hour so this will definatly be a day trip. Out early home late! I expect snoozing on the way home ��

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