Friday, August 5, 2011

Haddon Lake Park

Location:Haddon Heights, Audubon and Mount Ephraim
Website: (special events calendar)
Bathrooms: Yes (at amphitheater during special events)
Eating area: YES
Attractions: Outdoor amphitheater, playground, bike/walking/running paths, fishing, Haddon Lake
 Fee: FREE

This summer, my kids and I discovered a new park...the Haddon Lake Park.  We have been spending quite a few mornings there because of their wonderful variety of summer programs.  We saw a reptile show, a magic show, and a theater production.  All of these were located in their amphitheater called the Mc Laughlin-Norcross Dell.  In addition to Camden County providing these special events, they also provided water and ice tea and we even had cookies at one show!  Bathroom facilities are also available at the amphitheater location but are only opened during showtime.

Close to the amphitheater is a playground area, picnic tables, fields to run or play ball and biking/running/walking/trails.  After the performances, my kids and I would take our snack and head to the playground. There are two main play areas with slides, monkey bars and lots of swings. In addition, a small creek runs in front of the playground and my son has a ball taking his shoes off and putting his toes in the water (be careful some areas of the creek are deep!). Follow the trails and you will even find a little bridge!

The whole playground is pretty much shady, which was really nice on those hot days.  There are picnic tables and tables in a covered gazebo. The only bathroom facilities, however, are port-a-pots, when a show is not going on at the amphitheater.   There is a small parking lot at the playground area but spots will fill up quickly on amphitheater show days.

Getting to the park should have been relatively simple, however if you use Google/Mapquest for directions most will tell you to find 13th Ave. I found that when driving the 13th Ave sign is covered by a tree and it was difficult to see the sign. I was able to see the sign above it saying Mc Laughlin Ave, but of course, I wasn't looking for that street. Twice going to the park, I completely missed the turn onto 13th.

On one of those days, when I missed the 13th Ave turn, I learned just how big Haddon Lake Park was (73 acres!). I located another playground in Haddon Lake Park. When asking a Mom at the park, she notified me that I WAS in Haddon Lake Park but in the Mt. Ephraim section! That park of the park also has a playground and trails around the lake.

The Mt. Ephraim Playground area

Haddon Lake Park is a wonderful park to watch a show, take a walk, and play. I wouldn't make a special trip just for the playground areas, but it is the perfect location to take the kiddos when there are shows at the amphitheater. When there are special programs, you could definitely spend a morning or an early evening at this really quaint park tucked into the town of Haddon Heights. Check out the programming calendar and we'll see you at the park!


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