Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Museum Pass Program

Burlington County Library
Location: 5 Pioneer Boulevard, Westampton, NJ 080
Bathrooms: Yes
Parking: Yes 
Eating: Bookseller's Cafe with tables
Program Cost: FREE with Library Card
UPDATED 6/14/2015
Summer is back! Time to take advantage of   your local library's Museum Pass program which will give library card holders admission to area museums for FREE!

This past winter break my family and I had the chance to try out this program at our county library and we. are. hooked!! We received a museum pass to the Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill. This pass allowed FREE admission for up to six people over 4 DAYS!! This particular pass also allowed a 15% discount at their Discovermore Toy Store.  Admission to the museum is $10.95 for adults and children over 12 months. For a family of six to visit the museum for one day, it would cost $65.70. For that family to visit the same museum over a span of 4 days, it would cost $262.80!! What a great savings!

I had been calling the library every morning and an hour prior to closing  for three days, so when the library finally said the pass was available you should have heard the loud cheers coming from my mouth the kids' mouths! I swear I heard the ringing of bells and a choir of angels singing "Hallelujah!" The Discovery Museum pass is quite popular and hard to come by so we felt quite fortunate to be able to use it to its fullest over our break from school. Our next big break is in April (and of course the summer) and you can bet that I will be checking out the other museum passes available from our library:

Updated list of the museum passes available with your Burlington County Library Card. Check the library website for the branches that carry the passes:  (6/14/2015)
Passes for Museums in New York City:
 So how do you get your hands on the passes? Here are all the details and tips for the Burlington County Library System. 
  1. You must be a card holder of the Burlington County Library System and be in good standing. So pay your overdue fees!
  2. Passes are picked up and returned at the library in which you borrowed them. It must be handed to a staff member directly and not put into the book drop.
  3. You can call the library to see if they have the passes available and reserve it for up to ONE hour.
  4. You can check out a pass for each museum only ONCE in 6 months. For example, I checked out  the Discovery Museum pass in December. I will not be able to check out that pass again until June. In the meantime I can check out any of the other remaining museums.
  5. You can check out the pass for 4 days. (Tip: Check the museums for their special events and try to check out the pass for that event)
  6. They will charge you $5 if you are late returning the pass or damage and/or lose the case. If you lose the pass you pay for the cost of pass (essentially they are memberships and they are costly, so don't lose the pass!!). 
Here are other area libraries with similar programs. Click on the links for more information.  
"Check out" your museum passes today!


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