Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stellwag's Hidden Acres Farm

Location:116 Hartford Rd. Delran, NJ
Bathrooms: Yes
Eating area: Yes
Attractions: Rose Garden, animals for viewing, short hiking trail, garden center
Fee: $5 per person for the hayride to pick a small pumpkin.
Cost of the pumpkin is included in the $5 price.

This past weekend the family and I took advantage of the nice weather and finally went pumpkin picking.  This year, we tried the much talked about Stellwag's Farm not far from our home. This was our first time on their hayride, although we have visited the garden center several times to purchase plants. We couldn't beat the price of only $5 per person,  including the cost of the pumpkin! Oh...and did I mention there was hot cider when we returned? Sweet!

We went to the farm at about 11am on a Sunday and found it to be very quiet. There was hardly any one there, and no lines to wait in. We paid our $5 for our hayride and pumpkins, and off we went. However, the ride to the pumpkin patch was a very different when compared to previous pumpkin patch trips.  You don't take a ride around a farm, but instead you ride through a heavily shaded wooded area.  It was so cool! The kids kept saying, "We're off to find the witch's house, which house? The witch's house!"  It wasn't scary by any means but it was shaded, making it darker and a retreat from the bright sun. Along the way, you will find various decorative scarecrows in the woods for some visual entertainment. I never knew that Stellwag's had that much property! I could imagine a hayride at night would be pretty awesome through the woods and I wonder why they haven't ventured into that market?

After the ride through the woods, the tractor stops at the pumpkin patch where loads of pumpkins are waiting to be picked.  I liked the fenced in area...perfect for little ones! So easy to watch them, they could run free and I didn't have to worry! The pumpkins were small, but again it was the perfect sized for my 3 and 4 year old to carry themselves. That was real nice! I imagine that these small pumpkins would not satisfy older children who hunt for the "great pumpkin," but I think it should satisfy most kids about 10 and under. Within the patch, there was even a setup to take pictures of your kids with their chosen pumpkin.

When you are finished picking, the tractor will take you back to the garden center/gift shop and you are free to explore the rest of the farm...for FREE!!  Yes, viewing the animals, the nature trail, and rose garden are all free! You will find goats, various pheasants, sheep, wild turkey, and more! Make sure to stop and smell the roses in the rose garden maze, and enjoy a nature trail that will take you over the a bridge and through the woods leading to the animal pens. There is also a covered area with picnic tables for eating. Make sure to call ahead if you need those tables, because that is also where the birthday parties are held.  You may be out of luck if there is a party. Also, the garden center does not sell food, so you do need to bring your own. Inside the garden center/gift shop you will find the restrooms.

If you are looking to pick pumpkins without breaking the bank, have little ones, and don't want to spend all day looking through a huge pumpkin field for pumpkins, then Stellwags is for you. Your kids will enjoy it, they will get a pumpkin, a hayride, see some animals, run through the woods....and you can just take it all in and relax. Everyone wins!

Happy Fall!


Cristina y David said...

Este blog es muy interesante, creo que es un blog que puede seguirlo gente de todas las edades.
Lo seguiré a menudo y gracias por crearlo.

Kathy Robbins said...

Nice idea for a blog. Great to see that there are a few family activities out there that doesn't break the bank!

Emma Odette Barnett said...

Oh this looks amazing.

Deena Smith said...

Great blog! I am always looking for some fun family activities to do with my two young children in the area! I will definitely look into some of your ideas! Thanks again!

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