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Michael's Passport to Fun Free Crafts

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My kids and I have been enjoying attending the free craft sessions at our local Michael's Craft Store this summer.  I love this year's theme of "Passport to Fun" where the crafts are based on the culture of countries from around the world.  It fits so nicely with the library's summer reading program of "One World, Many Stories"    So, we are listening to stories, music, and now creating crafts with a cultural spin. As a teacher, I always loved themed based learning!
 They even have a really nice website (,default,pg.html)  dedicated to these free crafts this summer. You can click on the map for "all the destinations on our craft adventure around the world."  However, I don't see a place for a simple list of the countries and the dates that they are being offered.  I just clicked on Sweden, and saw that this craft was offered on June 21. Too late for that one. So, I went through it for you and added them to the Family Penny Pincher's Calendar and below:

July 9:India
July 12: Russia
July 14: France
July 16: United Kingdom
July 19: Japan
July 21: Greece
July 23: Mexico
July 26: China
July 28: South Africa
July 30: Brazil

The kids made a bead flag and a Native American shield when we visited the United States and when the theme was India, the kids made henna hands and decorated a felt elephant.

Some of our crafts made

Showing off her glitter glue elephant

 We are hoping to attend the Russian craft where they will make a jeweled egg and Nesting doll puppets and my daughter looked ahead and saw foam crowns being offered on July 16 for the United Kingdom. My little princess can't wait to make a crown!

Working hard!
  • The crafts are offered from 11am to 2pm while supplies last. So get there early. Some events have only a handful of people while other crafts will draw a large crowd.
  • The crafts are self-directed.  There is a Michael's facilitator there to help you, but the supplies and materials with directions are put on the table for you to make the craft with your kids
  • I think the crafts are appropriate for ages 3 and up. My 4 year old works pretty well independently while my 3 year old has some trouble with the crafts. If that happens, there is plenty of paper and markers or crayons for him to make pictures or cut.
  • You can plan on spending at least one hour at this event depending on the attention span of your children and whether you decide to complete all of the crafts offered.
Have you attended any of the free crafts? Do you have any tips to share? Please share on the comment section below:)

Happy Crafting!


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