Saturday, August 11, 2012

Imagination Kingdom Playground

Bathrooms: Yes
Eating area: YES (covered pavilion, and picnic tables)
Attractions: castle themed playground, baseball fields, 
Wheelchair Accessible Playground: Yes

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The kids and I ventured out on one of the nicer, less humid summer days to Imagination Kingdom Playground and park located in Pemberton, NJ.  I can't believe this was our first time playing at this hidden gem! What an amazing playground for kids of all ages and abilities! The castle theme park is a favorite among my kids and from the expressions of oohs and ahhhs from the other youngsters, the theme had caught their attention too! 

So where do you begin? Every prince and princess should cross the bridge over the "blue waters" into the inner courtyard where their imaginations may lead them to climb a rock,scale the castle walls, or tackle the giant web thingy!! Whatever the kids decide to do, they will be busy for hours!

Whoever designed this playground understands kids and thought of everything. The large wheelchair accessible ramp and wide bridges allow for children of all abilities to be part of the fun and there is much to see at so many various heights!

There are sooo many places to climb and explore! But don't worry, the ground is covered by some sort of recycled material that is soft underfoot. It's gentle enough for little boys who don't like to wear shoes!

 You will  also find some really interesting equipment here that you may not have seen at other parks. We loved the musical section complete with bongo drums, and "Ring a bell" that you could actually ring with the musical notes provided instead of having to find a stick! The tire swing suspended from a giant catapult was cool, and the giant family sized see saw horse was great for young and older kids!

There is even a wonderful "tot" area that will challenge your little ones and keep them engaged! I loved the ABC and animal climb! 

This is a definite "destination playground"! This site is perfect for playdates, mom groups, birthday parties or for just a few hours of fun!  The whole playground was clean and well kept including the bathrooms that had a changing table! The  large covered pavilion is a great spot to seek shelter from the elements or  for lunch and snacks.  Bring a bat and ball or play some soccer in the fields just a few feet away. Most of the playground is in the sun...but there were some benches and tables in some cool shaded areas too. 

  My kiddos gave this playground two thumbs up and we think this "kingdom" is perfect for the little princes and princesses in your life! Check it out today!

Let your imaginations run wild!


Jpsilvajr said...

Though I wish you hadn't stumbled across our hidden gem, I will say you are 100% correct. I will say that there were a lot of people who put a to of blood, sweat and tears (after the blood) into it. I will say I was not one of those but because of their efforts, my children get to play on one of the largest playgrounds on the east coast. I know the Jenkins family of Jenkins Well Drilling, played a massive role. One of the sons Brian even traveled to Florida on his dime to check out the layouts to make sure it was done the right way. It was due to a bunch of people pulling together for the kids of this town and they deserve a tremendous amount of thanks.

Slp2009 said...

We absolutely love it there! Make sure to bring sunscreen for you little ones but the pavilion and benches are great for shade. We like to pack a lunch so we don't have to rush home. Thanks to all who had a hand in building it. It's one of the best playgrounds we've found!!

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